Announcement: Cicero.NonProfit available

The new version of our standard solution in the nonprofit sector is available. Our solution is tailored for charities and other nonprofit organisations.

You can use our solution to achieve the highest standards of financial transparency in your organisation.

  • A strong and powerful IT architecture enabled by Microsoft Dynamics und MS database technologies (incl. reporting).
  • A modern GUI based web and mobile interface is available.

„Simplicity is smart“

We listen carefully to the top management, to the IT department and to the other departments involved. We recognize their "real" requirements and use these to derive simple, business-oriented and practical solutions for our customers. Our strength is the combination of management experience and deeply specialised business process knowledge, as well as technical expertise. The critical factors for success of any IT solution are to build a framework of straightforward requirements and a modern and compact IT infrastructure. Finally questions about resourcing and development are discussed.

Our Principles

We create reasonable, simple, secure and compact IT solutions. IT systems which optimally support and encourage the strengths of their users. We are able to manage the continually increasing complexity of todays business requirements. We target bureaucratic inefficiencies and lead customers to a qualitative and compact solution. We consider "Simplicity is smart" as a very important trend worth to follow.

To improve IT means to simplify your processes and operations...

We are a private and internationally operating IT consulting company registered in Austria and without any institutional participation. We are solely bound to our customers to increase their quality and productivity.

Since 1998 we are very successful and have industry leading customers in the fields of finance, telecommunication and the public sector.

  • IT project management for business critical systems and processes based on our focus and long standing experience in banking, insurance, telecommunication and public administration.
  • Software test and testing of whole systems and business critical applications (see Quality.Lab, Nearshoring, Managed Services).
  • Coaching and consulting for software architecture, formal testing and quality ensurance, complex development tasks (Java world and new technologies) as well as databases and data warehouses.
  • Development and test of complex data warehousing solutions.
  • Qualitative procedures for your IT management which aim at quality, productivity and making complexity manageable.
  • Introduction and integration of Microsoft ERP/CRM standard solutions for SMBs (Small and medium businesses).

Our company symbol is a tree growing on a scarce piece of rock. This symbol, which has been well established over the last centuries, stands for growth, strength and endurance. It shows our dedication to create simple, yet powerful IT systems in a complex and complicated world.


In our projects we work with simple but well established principles:

  • Identify and evolve the existing strengths of the company and its employees! Provide resonable IT systems without any unnecessary functionality.
  • As simple as possible, but not simpler!
  • Compact and simple IT solutions which support the knowledge and creativity of users and employees in a company.
  • A continuous search for the best standard software tools in the respective branches and an optimal integration and connection with the existing interfaces in your company.

With these simple rules a company can reproduce an effect which in nature is a repeated cause for astonishment and fascination: On a scarce rock with little resource input, given the right circumstances it is possible to find the most beautiful trees which endure for a long time and guarantee returns.

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