Software and technical consulting for our core industries

  • insurance

  • banking

  • public authorities

  • Software
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Reengineering

Satisfied customers about us …

CICERO CONSULTING has proven to quickly acquire process know-how even for new processes in order to communicate with us at eye level/on par at all times in the area of funding management.”

K.S., Sector head

CICERO CONSULTING has joined us before on our way to better processes & better used systems, energy flows here. Good for our customers.”

E.T., Manager group operations

Every Watt counts

… and how to become one of our happy customers

It is high time to harmonize all the isolated processes in your company, simplify them, strategically realign them & thereby constantly improve them.

We can help you implement new, simpler processes with our process & integration know-how and partners:

Simplicity is smart!

A trend we are actively helping to shape …
  • We listen carefully & actively to the top management, IT and your business departments,

  • identify their real needs and

  • we implement
    • simple, business-oriented &
    • practical solutions

  • for our customers.

  • Our strength is a combination of
    • management experience &
    • deep professional process knowledge & technical expertise.

  • Success factors for every IT solution are
    • a manageable technical scope agreed with the users &
    • a modern & compact IT architecture suitable for the purpose.

  • Only then do we focus on the questions of
    • resourcing &
    • development.


  • We create reasonable, simple, secure & compact IT solutions.

  • IT systems that promote & support the strengths of users & clerks in an optimal manner.

  • We master the ever-increasing complexity in business life.

  • We fight bureaucracy and facilitate all approaches of quality & compactness.

  • Smart Simplicity“ is a trend of great importance for us, and which we actively help to shape.

To improve IT means to simplify your processes & operations …

We are a private, internationally active IT consulting company without institutional holdings based in Austria. We are exclusively and unreservedly committed to our customers and to increasing quality & productivity.

Since 1998 we have been very successful in leading companies in the financial industry & the public sector.

In our projects we work according to simple & clear principles:

  • Identify existing strengths of the company & its clerks & develop them evolutionary!

  • Reasonable IT systems without vanity.

  • As simple as possible, but not simpler!

  • Compact, simple IT solutions to promote knowledge & creativity of the users & clerks in the company!

  • Constant search for the best standard software packages in the industry and optimal integration & connection to the interfaces in your company.

  • Software
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Reengineering

With these simple rules of the game, a company can also succeed in what always causes amazement and fascination in nature: on very scarce rock, i.e. with little resource input, the most beautiful trees can grow under suitable conditions and guarantee long-term existence and yield!

Even in ancient times, the tree growing on a rock stood, as an extremely positive symbol, for growth, strength and long-term existence. This semiotics has been preserved over centuries in numerous cultures.