About …


We create

  • reasonable

  • simple

  • secure

  • compact

IT solutions – without vanities!

IT systems that

  • promote &

  • support

the strengths of users & clerks in an optimal manner.

We master the ever-increasing complexity in business life. We fight bureaucracy & facilitate all approaches of quality & compactness.

Simplicity is smart is our creed as a company …

CICERO – the role model

His work as an eclectic (“selector”) is worth imitating in management consulting & information technology, even in the 21st century.

Today, very often it is also a matter of

  • analyzing the existing exactly according to strengths,

  • implementing evolutionary constructive

  • practicable solutions.

To “invent” something completely new (theoretical super solutions) is often counterproductive, especially in management consulting.

CICERO – his life

Marcus Tullius Cicero as an

  • orator unrivaled to the present day

  • as a philosopher & writer he has achieved remarkable things

  • he lived from 106 to 43 before Christ …

Even in ancient times, the tree growing on a rock stood, as an extremely positive symbol, for growth, strength & long-term existence. This semiotics has been preserved over centuries in numerous cultures.