Subject Test & Acceptance of Critical Software

We have more than 20 years of experience in the systematic & audit-proof acceptance of complex software systems.

CICERO CONSULTING supports you in the entire testing process of your software development:

  • test planning based on standardised quality models; agreement & definition of measurable quality goals (service levels).

  • test specification and test case identification & definition

  • test execution & optimization of regression tests

  • error tracking & control of corrections (with special attention to configuration management).

As an independent partner, our QA-specialists carry out these tasks strictly according to the four-eyes principle (separation of development & testing) & are solely focused on the quality of your product.

We offer semi-formal & formal methods for test case identification & definition; every efficient test is based on a process-oriented view of the processes in the specialist departments.

In this way, we ensure that your software is

  • validateddoes the right things, i.e. corresponds to the wishes of the users. For only they can accept the software.

  • verifieddoes these things right & complies with the standards & technical norms of your industry.

With this in mind, we always use a combination of blackbox– & whitebox methods in our QA projects. In our approach, we always emphasise systematics & reusability, but avoid any kind of unnecessary bureaucracy.