Test Automation

  • Our test automation experts come with decades of experience in key tools & suites such as

    • Cognizant® CITS™, Selenium® & Katalon® for web-based, automated GUI testing

    • CITS™, QTP®, QF-Test® & SilkTest® for desktop-based GUI testing, but also load & performance testing

    • Karate, SoapUI®, ReadyAPI® & Postman®/Newman® for testing APIs

    • XUnit for developer testing (components & interfaces)
  • We constantly monitor developments in the tool market & adapt our methodological framework accordingly. Our customers benefit from this experience every day.

  • Agile software development requires a high degree of automation already in the developer test (“shift left”). For acceptance testing or all kinds of functional test work, we pay close attention to the usability of the tools.

A clean test process is a prerequisite for test automation.


A prerequisite for test automation is a clean test process:

  • Individual & chain test cases are defined in the test specification. We compare these with the test objects in a matrix to evaluate the test coverage. We use our extensive experience with quantitative methods to estimate the required number of test cases. Chain test cases regularly represent a logical-technical path through a business process & are therefore of particular importance for the acceptance of the software.

  • In the second part of the test specification, the test data must be defined in order to use the (chain) test case as input for the software & have it executed. For this end, we use the following methods to minimize the number of test data combinations:

    • Equivalence class method (only one representative for each class is entered)

    • Boundary value analysis (only values at the critical boundaries are entered)

    • Decision tables

In complex projects the repeated execution of test cases increases, in times of DevOps & CI/CD to several times a day/night.


Test cases are executed multiple times in complex projects (in times of DevOps & CI/CD even daily/nightly as part of “Nightly Builds“), so special emphasis should be placed on automating these tasks (using scripts, capture replay or special test automation tools).