About Us

CICERO CONSULTING was founded in 1998 as a private limited company (GmbH). The managing directors Dietmar Wuksch and Franz Prax have been working in the company since it was founded. The headquarters of the GmbH is Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (Carinthia, Austria). There are branch offices in Vienna (Austria) & Munich (Germany).


Our creed “Simplicity is smart” inspires us every day in our consultancy & the development of simple, safe & secure and cost-effective customer solutions. This is the fundamental, three-fold axiom of engineering education & successful mechanical engineering put into practice. Always with people & processes at the center of our work, always striving to harmonize IT with your business – that is the fundamental axiom of CICERO CONSULTING.


We automate & digitalize especially in the service sector – and have done so since our founding. People – as customers & clerks – must remain the focus of all our efforts & work, always.

If it is legitimate to think about the limits of automation in factories in the automotive or aerospace industry, this is – with all the striving for innovation – all the more true of software in the service sector. Many complain about the permanent increase of regulations & bureaucracy, in our accompanying process consulting we can help you to tackle this massive problem.


The insurance & banking sectors have accompanied many of us since our university-level training & education. Over the last decade, we have gotten to know the public sector (such as sports funding/promotion, utilities or social facilities) and many non-profit organizations in detail by advicing them & building high-quality software solutions for them. In the area of medium-sized companies, we are represented in various sectors.


There are no external institutional participations in CICERO CONSULTING GmbH.


In everything we do, our creed “Simplicity is smart” ensures compact & understandable solutions for our customers.