On one hand, products & applications are getting more and more complex & extensive. On the other hand, DevOps– & CI/CD efforts & increasingly strict time-to-market requirements are shortening the periods between development & releases. This puts enormous pressure on all people involved in the process, including those responsible for quality & testing:

  • On one hand, the consideration of effort & time for the testing process within a project is now a matter of course.

  • On the other hand, there is the risk that in the case of a temporary use of external specialists, much will be lost after the end of the project:

    • the accumulated knowledge about the organisation, as well as

    • the built-up expertise

    • the test environment, that has been built up & maintained.


  • CICERO.QualityLab helps you to establish an optimal test process tailored to your individual requirements, which works in the form of a permanent test organisation. The established test environment can be secured & used for future projects.

  • Our customer-specific QualityLab with a permanent core team including the use of test tools can cover a wide range of projects & systems.

  • To ensure an efficient, fast & high-quality test process, the continuous implementation of test process improvements is an essential part of the CICERO.QualityLab.

Secure your critical systems & business processes nearshore with the experienced test professionals working in the CICERO.QualityLab.



in contrast to projectbased methods:

  • optimal utilisation of expertise regarding structured testing, infrastructure & tools

  • efficient use of certified technical staff

    • a dedicated “core team” with specified scope of work

    • one or more “flex team(s)” from a pool of flexible specialists as needed to cover peaks/bottlenecks in a timely & temporary manner

  • reliable statements on test quality, audit-proof results

  • shorter test processing times

  • continuous optimization of the test process in the company

  • better overview regarding costs & duration due to work contracts & fixed prices

  • use of powerful tools

  • location advantage Austria (nearshore) compared to cheap offers from Eastern Europe or Asia

  • system, load & performance tests conducted by independent experts.

Our CICERO.QualityLab is characterized by a fixed “Core Team”. If the workload within the project increases, “Flex Teams” from our pool of flexible specialists are deployed in a timely & temporary manner.